Professional Brickwork Services in Boston

Total Restoration of Chimney Stack - Malden MA

Brick structures are built to be strong and durable, and therefore should able to withstand years of wear and tear with minimal damage. However, over time, the mortar in between bricks can deteriorate due to extreme weather and constant exposure to the elements. Heavy storms, aggressive tree roots or broken water lines can all cause damage to brick structures. If your brick structure does experience some sort of damage, Gilrace Masonry Waterproofing & Masonry Restoration has the capability to restore any building to their original beauty.

The Gilrace Masonry team is comprised of professional bricklayers that have collectively worked on hundreds of projects throughout the years. We take pride in our ability to achieve high-quality finished creations across many different types of brickwork projects. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction is apparent in all the work we do and the praise of our past clients. We believe that when it comes to our professional brickwork services in Boston, we must put 100% into every project so the quality of our craftsmanship can speak across years and endure for decades in the future.

Brick Repair and Restoration Boston, MA

Brick restoration is a job that takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be done correctly. No one should ever be able to tell that a brick structure has been repaired. If not done correctly, you will have visible scars on the outside of your beautiful brick home.

Gilrace Masonry offers brick repair, brick replacement, repointing brick, new brick installation, brick pinning, historical brick restoration, masonry cleaning, and graffiti removal. We work closely with our clients to come up with a strategy that includes how you envision the completed project and other considerations that may arise throughout the process. Contact us today at (857) 241-3608 for an estimate.