Historic Masonry Restoration in Boston

Gilrace Masonry takes pride in our team’s ability to perform historic masonry restoration, renovation, and rehabilitation on a range of Boston buildings with a storied past. Boston is among the oldest cities in the United States and its historic buildings attract over 20 million tourists every year. Gilrace Masonry is dedicated to mastering the skills that are required to faithfully reproduce period craftsmanship in masonry.

Historic buildings usually require special attention during the repairing process. The biggest difference between our approach to historic and traditional restoration processes lies in the removal methods that are used, as well as the type of material used for re-installation. This will involve a heavier emphasis on hand tools over modern power tools, which can be too destructive for effective historical restoration. Replacement materials are often more difficult to acquire, as the existing building materials will sometimes require salvaging and cleaning for reuse. And when it comes to mortar, many historic mortars do not contain Portland cement which makes it much softer. Properly replacing historic mortar with a similarly composed material is critical for it to function properly within the veneer. This delicate method of masonry restoration returns historic buildings to their original appearance, keeping alive the history that helped shape America. We believe preserving the historical significance of some of the oldest buildings in Boston is important to preserving the feel of Boston itself.

Historic Masonry Restoration: Restoring the Buildings of Massachusetts

Gilrace Masonry has extensive experience in commercial historical masonry restoration.  Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our expert team of professionals, can help to preserve the beauty and culture of Boston’s oldest buildings. We have worked to restore old buildings in Massachusetts like the Lionhead Apartments, the Aurora Hotel, and a variety of other projects across the state. Contact us today at (857) 241-3608 to preserve history!